Contract Parking at Prime Locations in Nottingham

The demand for parking in Nottingham is at an all time high at the moment, especially with the enforcement of the workplace parking levy (WPL) starting in 2012. The WPL – for those who don’t know what it is – will be a tax levied on those employers who provide more than 10 car parking spaces at their site of business. In these locations this  cost could be passed on to their employees. You can read more about this levy by clicking here. Commuters who drive to their workplace are now looking for low-cost alternatives to parking in the city centre, and as a result, parking spaces are now being contracted out at different locations within the city. Other aternatives( besides walking and cycling )include the excellent municipal park and ride schemes and of course Nottinghams superb NET tram.

As a provider of car parking solutions we have  have the inside track  on contract parking  and we have identified that Nottingham will soon run out of contract parking spaces in prime locations. The highest demand for parking remains in areas such as the Lace Market, Old Market Square and Fletcher Gate where Google has registered almost 10,000 search entries a month! ParkingNottingham was launched as a service that will provide solutions to those looking for parking in the city centre. We figured that it’s time to direct the spotlight on some prime locations where contract parking is available for a very low cost that will help you make dramatic savings on your  parking. (if you are interested in saving money  - read on)  We aim to offer a limited number of prime parking spaces for as little as £99 a month. These limited opportunities  can only be contracted via ParkingNottingham, so call us now to book your space!

Spaces are available near the following locations:

Nottingham Lace Market – 5 spaces
Old Market Square – 10 spaces

The spaces will be available for a limited time only and will be offered on a first come – first served basis. We are flexible with our contracts and can provide you with one that best suits your parking requirement. However, it is worthy to note that we have free parking promotions on specific contracts: If you sign up for 6 months, we will offer you one additional month free of charge. If you sign up for 10 months, we will offer you two additional months free of charge.

We believe that these are the thest value flexible deals that you’ll find in Nottingham – grab a bargain before the spaces run out!

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