Jean Thorpe of Unison agrees with Tories over WPL

A revolt by UNISON the public sector union against the planned charge of the work place parking levy has been branded as naive a source close to Nottingham city council revealed today.
Nottingham City Council plans to introduce the work place parking levy to raise additional al funds to assist with the development of the NET tram network. The additional funds would come from Taxing City workers with a levy which will rise to around £1.00 per day by the second year of operation.
Comments by Jean Thorpe of Unison, that parking should be free to council employees and that the tax is “disgraceful” have raised eyebrows in the private sector where benefits from employers are already taxed as a benefit in kind.

Ironically, Jean Thorpe has found herself squarely allied with the Tory view point that the tax could have a negative impact on Nottingham’s economy. However Andrew Price (Clifton North) commented that if the tax were to go ahead it was only fair that the council employees should pay their fair share.
It is thought that the tax will help safeguard around 165 city council jobs
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  1. Alastair's Gravatar Alastair
    October 27, 2011 at 12:18 pm | Permalink

    This is just another tax to be used to raise revenue for one of the most wasteful councils in the whole country. Nottingham already has the highest council tax, but we haven’t got the services that people who live in London (and pay less council tax) enjoy such as the metro etc. If the tram can’t finance itself then it’s purely another waste of money by a council that just cannot stop wasting other people’s money.

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