Nottingham Council to Introduce Free Parking for Electric Cars?

If you’ve ever travelled to London you’ll realise that parking charges in the capital are some of the highest in the country and indeed the world. This may be so for drivers of petrol and diesel cars but one area in which the capital is way ahead of the rest of the UK is with regard to parking concessions for Electric Vehicles.

Yes, the provision of FREE parking for electric vehicles is standard throughout the Capital so that’s Zero charge for Zero Emission cars in the Capital. What’s more, the London authorities have extended their concession of free electric charging points for electric vehicles in the capital. In addition, electric vehicles are exempt form the congestion charge. This positive action from the Greater London Authority under the current leader Boris Johnson has led to an increase in the take up of electric cars in London. Furthermore, as the take up of electric cars increases, the air pollution will improve and the carbon emissions will reduce.

This has to be good news for us all but the question is, will Nottingham City Council follow the lead taken by London? Will they go further and provide an exemption to the workplace parking levy for electric cars? Nottingham City Council uses the slogan ‘PRIDE’ to encourage positive feelings and a sense of optimism for the city. This is one idea that would make me more proud to live in Nottingham and it is one innovation that has benefits for us all.

Why not have your say and let us know what you think about the idea  we will pass your comments on tothe city council and see if the city council really care about what you think about our environment.

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