Nottingham Parking Fines Unenforceable

Parking Rules and the fines that follow often cause controversy. A Nottingham Solicitor has advised clients to be aware of the council’s requirements to advertise parking restrictions on both sides of a single lane road.Errors in signage have resulted in penalty charges being overturned having being ruled unenforceable.

Mr Burton has also advised other clients about the legal implications and has urged people to claim their money back. The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 state there must be signs on both sides of every single-carriageway road entering a controlled parking zone.

This means that if the single yellow lines don’t have signs nearby telling people when parking is prohibited, the council has no legal power to enforce tickets.

Mr Burton said: “The requirements are very specific and mandatory.” There must be a sign on either side of the carriageway. In St Ann’s Well Road there is not. If the council doesn’t keep to the rules, why should they expect the motorist to keep to the rules? And if the rules aren’t kept why should motorists have to pay a penalty?”

It will be argued that this is simply a technical departure from the strict legal requirements. However, the rules themselves are not only technical but mandatory and it has been laid down by Parliament that those in charge of producing and placing these signs must strictly and pedantically follow the exact requirements so clearly set out in the Directions.”

So remember the law should apply to all so don’t be put off from making an appeal if you feel that the rules have not been followed

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  1. Sam Davey's Gravatar Sam Davey
    February 9, 2012 at 10:57 pm | Permalink

    I got a ticket out side the galleries of justice on a single yellow at 18 50 and there was no yellow sign within 100 yards. Is there any law that specifies the distance these signs are ment to be?
    Regards Sam.

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