Net Tram extension and the Work Place Parking Levy

The announcement last year of Government proposal to fund the extension to Phase 2 of the Net Tram system was hailed as a great success for Nottingham.The Department of Transport will provide the lions share of the funding for the new lines running to Clifton via Wilford and to Chilwell via Beeston and the shortfall is expected to be made up by the Work Place parking Levy (WPL).

The first of its kind in the United Kingdom Nottingham city council has committed to providing £150m which it expects to raise by taxing business in Nottingham to the tune of £250 per parking space per year. This proposal has been criticized mainly by big businesses such as Boots who have threatened to remove their parking from the city boundaries in order to avoid paying Tax.

Boots themselves have been criticized for lacking the community spirit that they so often promote as one of their core values and for openly suggesting that they are prepared to avoid taxation that other business without their financial clout will have to submit to. Councilor Collins. From Nottingham City council has confirmed that the charge will not be in force until 2012. The councilor  described  the decision to delay the introduction of the  Tax   “a sensible response to the recession,” although it is understood that  raising a tax  significantly in advance of the introduction of the  service would prove very unpopular whatever the economic climate.

The existing (Phase 1) of the tram scheme has carried  over 10 Million passenger journeys in the last year  making the Nottingham NET  system the most popular  tram system outside of the Capital. Supporters point to the positive benefits of the system.  Linked as it is to an excellent free Park and Ride system, it will enable shoppers leisure visitors and workers to improve their access and travel throughout the greater Nottingham Conurbation.
Mr. Sadiq Khan Transport Minister said he was impressed by the city’s existing tram line, He said:

“These extensions provide the opportunity to improve on this success, and give people in the south of Nottingham and longer-distance commuters quicker, more convenient access to the city centre. “And of course the extensions will also boost economic growth and regeneration in the city by improving access to a number of key employment sites.”

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