Tories Flip Again Over Workplace Parking Levy

With only weeks to go the General Election the major parties have still not revealed their full manifesto pledges to the British Public. However, it has been revealed that the Tories have changed their view on the WPL
– the controversial work place parking levy proposed by Labour controlled Nottingham City Council. 

“Given that the scheme in Nottingham has already been approved and is scheduled to start, we do not intend to undo that retrospectively.” A Tory source revealed recently.

Furthermore, they will not block other cities following Nottingham’s lead. The Nottingham scheme is still causing concern to some business leaders and the Chamber of commerce who were pinning their hopes on a reversal of the scheme should the Conservatives come to power. It seems that despite rhetoric regarding low taxes the future government of whatever hue will support the work place parking levy. Our advice if you want to avoid the charge… Get on yer bike!!

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