Work Place Parking Levy (WPL) Nottingham – Update April 2010

You may be aware that at the end of July 2009 the Government gave the green light to fund over £500 million of new transport investment in Nottingham which includes two new tram lines (NET Phase Two). Also given the go ahead was the workplace parking levy (WPL). In addition to NET Phase Two the WPL is intended to support the redevelopment of Nottingham’s railway station and the subsidised Link bus network.

Workplace Parking Levy Exemptions

Parking spaces used by customers, motorbikes, display vehicles, fleet vehicles, vehicles primarily being used to deliver or collect goods, and employees who live at their place of work would not be charged and would not need to be licensed.

100% Discount

No charge would be payable by the emergency services, qualifying NHS premises and employers who provide 10 or fewer liable parking places in total within Nottingham City Councilʼs administrative boundary. However, a licence would be required for these. Spaces reserved for disabled drivers will also receive a 100% discount.

Free travel planning and parking management advice and assistance is available from Nottingham City Council. With the right support It is possible to reduce the number of single occupancy car journeys to sites and thereby reducing an employerʼs liability for the WPL charge.

It is the employerʼs decision whether or not to pass the cost of the levy (about 70p per day per liable vehicle to begin with) onto its employees to offset the financial impact of the scheme.


On 1st April 2012 WPL charging will be introduced. At current prices, the charges for each liable place  will be approximately £253 a year in 2012/13; £285 in 2013/14; £301 in 2014/15 and £306 from 2015 onwards. However these charges, and future alterations of the charge after 2015, will be linked to changes in inflation. The WPL is anticipated to raise, on average, £14 million a year over a 23 year period. All the money will be invested into improving public transport.

Who is NOT liable?

At least 85 per cent of employers in Nottingham will not have to pay the WPL as they provide 10 or fewer work place parking places within the whole of Nottingham City Councilʼs administrative boundary. Serviced office companies such as will be providing access to subsidised parking  via their partnership with and thus their clients will avoid the charge altogether. Employers will have to apply for a licence. There will be no charge for the licence.

Who is liable?

Only employers with 11 or more liable places in total, that are based within Nottingham City Councilʼs administrative boundary, will be required to pay a WPL charge. All employers that wish to provide workplace parking places will be required to obtain a WPL licence. Employers will be contacted by Nottingham City Council to help them prepare for the licensing process.

A workplace parking place is liable for the charge if it is occupied by a motor vehicle used by:

  • employees (this includes parking places that are provided and paid for by an employer even if this is not on site. For example – places reserved for an employer’s use in a public car park)
  • suppliers, agents and other business visitors who are attending their regular place of work
  • pupils and students attending a course of education or training

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