Nottingham City Council is ambitious for the people of Nottingham. The Council is determined to deliver and protect the future of the City so that we prosper in a cleaner, safer, ambitious go ahead Nottingham.

The Council’s record on transport issues is one of the best in the UK because of effective integration and innovations that include the hugely successful NET Line One tram line which carries over 10 million passengers each year.

Transport, pollution and the environment are big issues on a worldwide scale. In Greater Nottingham traffic growth has been contained to less than 1% over the last 5 years whilst traffic on urban roads in Great Britain as a whole has grown by nearly 4%. Over the same period public transport use in Greater Nottingham has increased by 8% – the highest rate of any of the UK’s Core Cities.

Models used for calculating future congestion levels forecast that traffic will increase and congestion will get worse. Although the City Council has been successful at holding congestion in Nottingham, it is not enough. People and goods must be allowed to travel whilst protecting our environment, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and improving air quality. Further improvements to public transport need to be made – such as building more tram lines, 25% of the cost of which must be found locally – to make it easier for people to choose to use it.

As a city, we must be bold in our next transport steps and lead the way nationally to tackle these issues by making a contribution to the cost of transport improvements ourselves.

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