Where to park

Parking in Nottingham couldn’t be easier with great Park and Ride services and plenty of spaces at multi-storey car parks in the city centre.

Below you will find information about secure car parks, pay on foot car parks, motorcycle and cycle charges, evening parking, special shoppers & visitors tariff, pay and display and pay on foot parking for blue badge holders.

Secure Car Parks

Car parking should be safe and secure. The Fletcher Gate, Trinity Square and Curzon Street car parks are holders of the Park Mark® Secure Parking Award. This means that they have been assessed by the Police and have measures in place to deter criminal activity, creating a safer environment for both you and your vehicle. CCTV cameras are in operation and regular foot or mobile patrols are undertaken by car park officers.

Pay On Foot Car Parks

Broadmarsh, Fletcher Gate and Trinity Square car parks are secure and easy to pay. On your return to the car park, take your incoming ticket to one of the conveniently located pay stations, which give change and take bank notes (£5, £10 and £20). Credit and debit cards are also accepted at the pay stations in Trinity Square and Fletcher Gate

N.B. Customers are advised not to leave their incoming ticket in their vehicle.

Motorcycle/Cycle Charges

The charge for motorbikes for all day parking starts from £1.50. Please ensure that you lock and secure your machine. (For combination units the normal charges apply) Cycle Lockers are available at Trinity Square and Fletcher Gate car parks (60p per day/£2.40 per week)

Evening Parking

At surface car parks, evening parking is available from just £2.20. Evening prices are £3.80 at Broadmarsh, £4.00 at Fletcher Gate and £4.20 at Trinity Square. Theatre and Ice Centre customers can pay in advance at the Customer Service Information Office at Broadmarsh or the payment machines at Trinity Square and Fletcher Gate to avoid queues at when leaving.

Customers must obtain entry tickets after 5pm and before midnight and exit by 9am the following day in order to qualify for the reduced rate.
Entries made before these times will be charged at the normal tariff rate for the whole of the parking period.

Special Shoppers & Visitors Tariff (Mon-Sat 10am-6pm)

A special offer for up to 8 hours parking is available at Broadmarsh, Fletcher Gate and Trinity Square (£7.00) and at surface car parks (£6.00). A special offer of up to 4 hrs is available at Broadmarsh Car Park (£4.00). To qualify for this special tariff, entry to the multi-storey car parks must be between 10am and 1pm. At the other car parks tickets must be purchased between 10am and 1pm.

Please note that entry/purchase of tickets before 10am and after 1pm will incur normal charges

Pay & Display for Blue Badge Holders

Parking is available free of charge for the first 4 hours. Thereafter, normal charges apply. For example, if you intend to stay 5 hours at a Pay and Display car park, set your clock on arrival and purchase a Pay and Display ticket for 1 hour.

Please remember to display and set your clock alongside your Blue Badge on arrival.

Pay on Foot Parking for Blue Badge Holders

Parking is available free of charge for the first 4 hours. When you return to Pay-on-foot car parks (Broadmarsh, Fletchergate and Trinity Square), take your Blue Badge and entry ticket to the Customer Services/Information office. You will be given a free exit ticket, or charged for the parking time over 4 hours You may park anywhere in the car park. Only use the reserved bays if you need to. Ask a Parking Officer if you need help

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